Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tipping Points

Last year the Sustainable development Commission launched a competition to find tipping points.. when would we reach the "magic moment" when we knew SD was becoming a reality... they ranged form the whimisical to the deeply earnest. Yesterday I was on a train to Liverpool to the Urban Forum annual conference chattign about SD to Paula Hirst who has just been seconded to work on SD at the Olympic Development Authority. After we left Runcorn we started chatting to the city type opposite (in second class) -- and to pass the time of day asked what he did... he was an ethical fund manager for Rathbone Investments. So my tipping point comes when strangers you meet randomly are involved in a sustainable activity. And then you pick up an abandoned Times -- and discover an interview with Jonathon Porritt about the SD strategy... the first national newspaper mention of Securing the Future???? and then the reality check of being yelled at by bunches of sceptical community acitivists.... more on tipping points at


At 4:06 pm, Blogger Nuff said said...

My tipping point would be when John Humpreys says, "So Secretary of State tell me about what's been achieved in the year since the launch of the Sustainable Development Strategy ..."


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