Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Beyond the Constant Gardener

After two failed attempts (sold out on a Sunday; keys left in the office on the Friday) I finally got to see the "political thriller" cum anti-corporation movie "The Constant Gardener". Kenya and Ralph Fiennes both looked great - but, unlike some of my business friends, I thought it was a pretty simplistic Michael Moorish take on big business. More interesting was a report in last week's FT on a joint study between Unilever and Oxfam on the real impacts of globalisation on developing countries and the need to move beyond a knee-jerk view to understand the complex impacts multinationals can have - and not to lump all multinationals together. Oxfam was big enough to concede that without the partnership with Unilever they would "have probably reached some wrong conclusions". the report is availabel from both their websites -- so if you emerge from the cinema depressed by the fate of Justin/Ralph and Tessa/Rachel at the hands of the evil makers of Dypraxa take a look at this report on Oxfam and Unilever's website -- and see a bit of the other side of the story.


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