Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Welcome to our new SD blog.....

Hi I'm Jill Rutter, Director of Strategy and Sustainable Development at the UK's Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Last March the Prime Minister launched our new UK SD strategy "Securing the Future" .... so its taken us eight months to get this blog up and running..

so what are we trying to do... to give you an insight into how we in government are trying to take forward the new strategy (though you will have to put up with spelling mistakes until I find the spellchecker!!! )... and maybe too give you a bit of a feel for what it is like working in government...

who knows? we might even manage to make a book like the Guardian's Ashes weblog.

So its 15 November.. in London. That is news in itself as I was invited last week to give evidence to a Select Committee in Canada which is interested in the UK SD strategy as a model for a Canadian national strategy. Flights were booked to Ottawa until a colleague suggested that our themes of leading by example and cutting out unnecessary business travel were hardly compatible with a day trip to Ottawa.. so flights cancelled (don't think I can pretend that this will make Air Canada ditch the flight, but if everyone did the same.... ) and am trusting to the videoconferencing facilities this evening.. from 8.30-10.30. So let us see if it works.....


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