Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It has been a long week...

only Wednesday -- but SD activity running at a high level. Some very short-term -- down to the finishing straits with ODPM colleagues (that is John Prescott's department) on the "barker" response that has been the subject of much toing and froing over the last months..; debating how we report progress on susatinabel development to our cross-departmental programme board next week (developed new chart with duck ratings on how SD principles are applied to policy areas .. aim to get all the ducks into the top row -- abandoned as too frivolous but must use in a presentation some time.. will capture someone's imagination); new SDC director announced as part of SD strategy proposals to beef up the Sustainabel development Commission (Andrew Lee from WWF if you haven't seen the news somewhere else); dinner with a couple of the failed candidates who are friends - and discussion on sustainable Olypmics; evidence before the Environment Audit Committee with Elliot Morley, our SD lead Minister on sustainable procurement; meeting to discuss upcoming SD ezine (watch this space .. launch Dec/ Jan). I'm tired just thinking about it...


At 4:00 pm, Blogger Nuff said said...

"Getting all the duck's into the top row", is that some kind of freudian comment on the lame duck status of the current Prime Minister?

Is "top row" code for the cabinet?


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