Friday, November 25, 2005

Consuming a (bit) more ethically

Apologies for recent absence.. too sickly and too busy to add anything to blog. That is why still in office at 7.45. Have just completed an internet order for groceries to be delivered tomorrow.. experimenting with a range of fair trade coffees (to see which I like, as I drink it) and tea (which I hate so principles easily win); some ecover cleaning products (though balked at the price of the washing powder compared to my standard...), bananas, recycled paper towels -- and realise I have forgotten the organic porridge. Can't bear to log back on. And since I discovered the wonders of soap which you use rather than shower gel I not only waste less packaging, I never seem to use it up. 45p and it lasts a lifetime (or at least a good few months.. )Internet delivery is one of the key enablers of a carfree life in a city -- and a very good thing (even though inertia means that I am still with Tesco)> Roll on Environment Direct! Means I can top up shop at the farmers market and my BP website measured carbon footprint (nifty, try it) looks very dainty (apart from the US trip - ironically to the POW's business and environment programme)


At 3:51 pm, Blogger Nuff said said...

But surely home delivery especially over christmas is going to clog all the nice suburban tree lined streets with Waitrose (much better than Tesco) vans and you'll only have to go down to the not so local post depot (in your car) to pick it all up because you're at work when they deliver.

What's Environment Direct then?

At 2:54 pm, Blogger madasafish said...

IOn the subject of home delievry and sustainability.........

In an attempt to a)eat more heathily b)be more sustainable I signed up in the suummmer to Abel and Cole's organic veg delivery service.

Definitely achieved a). A regular supply of fresh vegetables ( many of which I'd not coooked with before - fennel, butternut squash) has resulted in more varied and tasty evening meals.

I thought that I'd achieved b) as well....and to a point we, fair prices to suppliers etc.

But......a quick chat with the delivery driver revealed that my righteous vegetables travel all the way from Brixton to reach me (nr Eastbourne, East Sussex)...a trip of about 70 miles...never mind the mile sthey travel to reach Brixton in the first place. The driver does make a number of other stops on route but it still sounds a little less than sustainable.

Probably should try and source the veg locally shouldn't I????


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