Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Canada update

So the VC technology worked fine... pictures good (if still with the slight woodentop element), audio great. One downside was that it is impossible to read body language - tough when speaking to a committee of MPs. Not sure they appreciated the symbolism of not flying. They will. But the other presenter - from the Suzuki foundation - who had produced a very critical report on Canadian environmental performance - said loads of nice things re the UK strategy. A lot of the questions seemed to be driven more by Canadian politics (not much surprise there) but a chance to make some points on the usefulness of one framework across the govt. And at very low impact - no jet lag, the taxpayer saved £ 2000k on flights and I even got home to see Newsnight talking about Tesco's CSR record and happiness (missed the Slough prog but will try to catch it next week..)... and to hear the England collapse on the radio this a.m. (maybe I would have been better off at 35k feet)


At 3:46 pm, Blogger Nuff said said...

Why is it that Making Slough Happy seems to have chimed much more with my crowd that the green do gooding of Penny P?

Although the final one seemed to go well, I'd be interersted to know what happens when the council resurveys the local population in a years time.

How slimey was that Social Entrepeneur Andrew Mawson? I loved it when Richard Reeves gave him a bloody nose is the earlier episodes. I never thought I'd side with an economist but he rocked.

Any chance of making Government Happy, Jill?


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